55/33 Dumina str., Berdyansk, Zaporizhia Oblast,
Ukraine, 71100
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Berdyansk offers remarkable rest. This wonderful and nature gifted place is suitable for living, enjoying the beauty of the sea and golden beaches, for rest and resort.

The city Berdyansk (Zaporozhia area) is a mud and climatic resort. In 2005  the   territory of the city  got  the status of a resort of state value.

  Berdyansk is a small district city, basic part of infrastructure is resort establishments. Berdyansk is also known  as an important large Sea port of North Azov, where ships comel under the flags of not only Ukraine but also many countries of the world.

Berdyansk is a city with higher and secondary education establishments, with museums and the Center of child-youth creation, recreation Centre, nightly entertaining establishments with the developed system of medical establishments. On the territory of the Berdyansk Gulf.

Since 2006  one of the largest aquapark in Ukraine.

  The climate is unique:  summer is  roast and dry, winter is soft and warm. In summer the water in the Azov Sea is warmed up to 28 degrees. Besides our city is well-known like a preserve of state value. The Berdyansk Gulf is 23 kilometres long. It goes away to the Azov Sea. On  the territory of the resort there are six great salt lakes which are the source of medical mud.

 The climate of North Azov is adjusted for rest with children. Shallow, fine warmed up and affectionate  sea, sandy beaches, plenty of fruit are excellent terms for a rapid painless adaptation.

 The pride of Berdyansk are festivals, which are helds every year. It is a Ukrainian festival of journalists, film festival, jazz-festival, children's variety creation, the festival of humour, young variety performers, sacred music and other. The city is often visited by the stars of Ukrainian and Russian theatres.




Come to Berdyansk and you will get mass of positive emotions and pleasure!

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