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History of Berdyansk
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The Date of the basis of the city Berdyansk in history calendar is determined exactly. In 1824 general-governor Novorossiyskogo edges, prince M.Voroncov has entrusted to admiral A.Greyg to equip the expedition for searching the suitable place for building pier on North Azov. The same autumn captain second rank Kritskiy has executed given him commission contract, having stopped its choice beside Berdyansk's Scythe.

November 3-th, 1827 were taken lands for the quay and city. The Advantage of the choice of this place has approved emperor Nikolay I, which visited Azov in October 20-th, 1828, following from Mariupol to Crimea.

July, 1-st, 1830 when here took place the inauguration of the quay, about than have notified many newspapers of Russian empire. The authority of the new port quickly grew, and in 1835 Berdyansk has got the status of the city. The status of district centre Berdyansk has got in 1842.

November 17-th, 1844 was founded first blazon of Berdyansk and Berdyansk's district.

The City rapidly developed. This planning from Alexander II, saved in central part of the city to our days. The Beautiful buildings decorated the city: town council, winter theatre, hotel "Bristol", Voznesenskiy cathedral, Lutheran church, man's school.

Information about new port city spread far for the scopes of the city. One for other were opened trade consulates in Berdyansk: Greek, English, Italian, Spanish, Avstro-Hungarian, French and the other state. With quick rate were built industrial enterprises, banks. In 1899 Berdyansk has got the train service with station Chaplino.

There was about ten of orthodox temples in the city, two Jewish and Karaimskaya synagogue, Catholic Church, Lutheran Kirkha, male and feminine schools, nautical classes, city schools. Left the daily newspapers, worked the libraries, shops.


Much winds-change swept over on Berdyansk nearly for two centuries it’s the richest history. About those times, the event, folk descendants remind the monuments, museum exposures, till our day miraculous buildings. And the best monument – a miracle-city.



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