55/33 Dumina str., Berdyansk, Zaporizhia Oblast,
Ukraine, 71100
Conference service
.: +38 (06153) 3-84-01; 3-46-00
: +38 (06153) 3-41-00
ICQ 423-831-879





 The conference hall

 For conducting a conference, seminar or business meeting. We offer conference hall for working group of 20-30 persons. 

The illumination of the conference hall,  air-conditioning and specially chairs can create necessary terms for your work. 



The room for Conversation

Room for the business meetings and negotiations for the group of 10-15 persons.

 The cost of  lease - is 200 UAH in hour. 

During the work we can organize a coffee pause. 


For the lease of the conference hall and receipt special prices, press the button "BOOK THE CONFERENCE HALL" and fill  in your own contacts. We will phone  you and discuss the periods and the order of  conducting the seminar or conference.


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